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Here at Croft Property Holdings, we enjoy buying properties and making lives easier.  We believe we are the best at what we do.  Professionalism and approachability from start to finish, we know we do our job well however, it is always nice to hear it from our clients.

Very helpful and friendly people!  My home was a shell.  We had the intention of carrying out some building work to several rooms and did not have enough money to complete the work.  We got ourselves into some heavy debt and were struggling to get out of it.  Banks were not willing to help and a friend of ours recommended selling our home for a cash lump sum.  We liked the idea of starting afresh debt free and gave Croft Property Holdings a call.  They were very easy to talk to and came round the next day to value our home and put in an offer.  The offer was very reasonable and we accepted it on the spot.  3 weeks later everything was signed and the cash was put into our account.  They even gave us time after to sort our things out of the house.  Amazing people.  Amazing service.  Thank you!
Jennifer Hartley, Preston

Thank you for helping us live our dream!  My husband and I were given the opportunity to move to Australia, joining our son, wife and grandchildren however, we were eager to move quickly and waiting for an estate agent to process our house sale would have taken months.  My son found you on the internet and suggested calling you to gain further information.  We could not believe how easy it all was.  You were very helpful and even took the time to make sure we understood each step involved.  Thank you again!
Joyce Marshall, Leyland

What a company!  Always available, always ready to help and don't baffle you with unwanted business jargon.  They get straight to the point with a fair offer and do not mess about with getting the process started.  Top class!
Alex Johnson, Preston

Very considerate company!  My boyfriend and I bought a house together and unfortunately a year later we split up.  Neither he or I could afford to keep the house on our own, so we decided to put in on the market.  After 9 months on the window of the estate agents, we decided to ease our suffering by selling for cash.  Best move I ever made.  They made sure that both my self and my ex-boyfriend were constantly kept in the loop and it was dealt with promptly.  Excellent support.  Thanks!
Alicia Downing, Chorley