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Sell My House Fast In Leyland For Cash

Are you interested in a cash sale for you property in Leyland?

Then let us make a deal with you!  We are friendly, honest and professional from start to finish.  We endeavour to give you a top offer for your property and a unique service, that will have you completely stress-free and fully prepared to move forward with no worries.

What can we do for you?

The hassle involved in selling your property can become very over-whelming.  Selling your property can takes months, even years in this current housing market.  You feel like you are in limbo, ready to move on to something new, but yet still connected to the old.  We are most definitely the right choice for you! 

We are local to the beautiful town of Leyland, and have an in-depth knowledge of the town itself and the surrounding areas.  We can confidently value all property types and offer you a quick cash lump sum of 70% of the market value of your property.  (The 70% is of the current market value of properties in the area, not of the value estimated by an estate agent).

How do we compare to an estate agent?

The most common way to sell a property is through an estate agent.  Your property is valued, usually slightly above the market value, people view it and put in an offer.  If accepted, the steps that follow, quite often take long periods of time and can become confusing.  They rely on each party involved to carry out their jobs professionally and efficiently.  Even when the paperwork has been set in motion, you still may not be moving out as you may be one of the links in a long chain. 

Selling your property with us, means a free valuation, a free survey, free legal costs and a reasonable cash sum in your hands within 28 days.  So, how do we compare?  We are quicker and do not rely on so many people getting involved.  We make sure you are not left hanging.  We take away all the stress of constantly phoning for updates and feedback and we take away the chances of deals being broken.  We are reliable, trust-worthy and a quick solution!

Contact details

If you want an easy solution for a debt crisis, or you need to move away urgently, then please don't hesitate to contact us at or alternatively you can call our warm and friendly team of people on 01772 972 670.