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Reasons For A Cash Sale

Reasons for a cash sale

Many property owners opt to sell their homes for cash for many different reasons.  Below are the more common reasons why:

Quick and stress-free – A cash sale with us is usually confirmed and completed in 7 – 28 days.  All documentation and appointments are organised and arranged by us and we keep you up-to-date with the progress of the sale.
To pay off debts – In order to pay off any loans or credit card debt, a quick cash sale would take away that debt and allow you start a fresh.
To prevent repossession – Should you have fallen behind with mortgage repayments, selling your home for a fair cash offer would clear the arrears, stop you from getting further into arrears and prevent your name from becoming black-listed. 
Absence of a chain – A cash sale eliminates all the stress and disappointment involved with being part of a chain.
Property inheritance – When you have been left a property by the death of a family member of friend, it can be difficult to deal with the formalities during grief.  Selling the property for a generous cash offer, eliminates any additional pressures as we handle everything for you.
Ease divorce proceedings – Divorce or separation can often be difficult and messy.  Getting a cash lump sum for a once marital home enables both involved to get appropriate shares quickly and easily.
Medical fees – Unfortunate illnesses can happen to anybody leading to unplanned time off work and difficulties in paying the mortgage.  In some cases, extended medical treatment can be expensive and require large sums money up front.  A cash offer for your property would provide you with funds required to pay for the treatments or pay off any mortgage debts.
Want to move away quickly – More and more Britons are selling their homes and moving to the sandy beaches abroad.  Selling their properties for a cash lump sum, enables owners to make their journey abroad quicker and easier.  There would be no waiting and and messing about from prospective buyers.

Whatever your reason for wanting a cash sale, Croft Property Holdings will provide you with the best offer, the best service and the best chance to start again!