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How It Works

Getting started

Selling a house is considered one of the most stressful events within a person's life, especially when selling through an estate agent, as this can be costly, confusing and take months to foreclose.  Selling your property through Croft Property Holdings is by far the better option as it is quick, financially beneficial and is all signed and sealed within 28 days. 

What steps do I need to take?

Step One - Contact us using the free phone number or the email address, informing us of your details, such as name, address and property type.

Step Two - An appointment will be arranged, to meet in person, one of our friendly team of property purchasers, for a complete viewing and a discussion about further progress.

Step Three -  We will make you an offer for your property, usually between 70% - 85% of the market value (not the estimated value projected by previous estate agents).

Step Four - Upon an agreement of the offer, we will have a survey carried out on your property.  You will not be charged for the survey.

Step Five - Using either your own solicitor or one arranged by ourselves, the sale of your property should be conducted swiftly and little stress to you.  All documentation will be drawn up by the solicitors and will be professionally delivered to you.

Step Six - When all documentation has been read and you are completely satisfied, simply sign and return to your solicitor.

Step Seven - The completion date is entirely up to you.  You are under no pressure to move out immediately, however a suitable date should be arranged that suits both parties.

Selling your home with Croft Property Holdings is as simple as that.  Seven easy little steps create the opportunity for your to move forward with your life and start a fresh with a cash lump sum.