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Welcome to Croft Property Holdings

Are you wanting to sell your home?  Are you looking for a quick and effortless cash sale?  Then Crofts Property Holdings are the company for you!  We are a trusted and professional company, dedicated to offering you the best offers and the best service when selling your home!

What services will we provide?

Croft Property Holdings will:

  • Perform a valuation on your property
  • Make a fair and firm cash offer
  • On acceptance of offer, allow time to move out of the property

What are the benefits of a cash sale?

The benefits of a cash sale are:

  • You receive a fair offer
  • There are no viewings, chains or estate agent complications
  • You will receive instant money on completion
  • The process is quick and hassle free
  • All the relevant documentation is dealt with for you

Why Croft Property Holdings?

Selling a house can be a very stressful event for anybody, the waiting being the most frustrating part.  Quite often, people take their properties off the market due to the slow movement of property purchases.  This is why making the decision to sell your house to Croft Property Holdings for a cash lump sum, is the quickest and easiest way to move forward with little inconvenience.

Croft Property Holdings are a small team of property purchasers committed to not only offering you a fantastic amount for your property, but also a first class, professional purchasing service.  We ensure complete honesty and good communication from the minute we shake hands to the moment we are waving you off.

Where in the country do we purchase properties?

Croft Property Holdings purchase properties in the North-West of England, in areas of Preston, Leyland and Chorley.

Contact Us

Whatever your reason for wanting a quick, cash sale, Croft Property Holdings will make the process  as pleasant as possible, in a warm and friendly manner.  For more information or a valuation on your property simply call us on 01772 972 670 or email us your details at

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